Piano Students participate in group activity to learn piano music


Lessons are structured in a 45 minute group lesson once a week.  There are 3 to 6 children in a group.  There is a keyboard with 61 keys for each student.  Each student also plays the piano. 



There are two other music teachers who are part of the piano studio.  Robyn Fontenot and Rachel Johnson have both taught music in public schools using the Kodály method. They are highly qualified educators.  We all follow the same lesson plans and offer a nurturing and fun environment for all our piano classes.

Diane Engle's student practices playing the piano with sheet muic


The lessons are highly structured and organized in a sequence that is related to the children's own development.

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Studio fun!

Beads to help keep attendance at Diane Engle's Piano Studio

Beads are a fun way we keep attendance at the piano studio. This helps reinforce good habits by our students along with parents’ and grandparents’ dedication to getting students to lessons each week.

Piano students at Diane Engle's Piano Studio practice songs from Play and Play Piano Book

Beginning students reading the game song, "Plainsies, Clapsies" from PLAY AND PLAY piano book.

Piano students at Diane Engle's Piano Studio participate in activities to learn piano music

The Orange Julius music writing activity   had students fill in the line and space note names to complete the words that made up the Orange Julius recipe. The students sipped and played afterwards.

Diane Engle's Piano Studio host Christmas Carol gathering

Piano students took turns playing a requested Christmas Carol chosen by parents from the Christmas Carol Menu.

The music menu from Diane Engle's Piano Studio Christmas Carol

Our Menu for our Christmas Carol Cafe was a great success!

Refreshments were served at Diane Engle's Piano Studio Christmas Carol

Refreshments were also on the menu during our Christmas performance.